Monday, November 5, 2007

A Blast From The Past

I bought an awesome old slide projector, complete with hundreds of someone's old vacation slides, at an antique market a year ago. I brought it home, rifled through the slides a bit, and then promptly forgot about it. For some reason I thought the man who sold it to me said the projector needed a new bulb, so I never even plugged it in. It took a friend asking what it was for me to even take it out of the case, and lo and behold- it works. It smells horrible, like your grandmother's musty old basement, but it makes a really nice sound when you advance a slide.
I somehow wound up with a slide carousel, even though this machine uses a different type of tray, and I already had a case full of glass slides (that won't work either) from a previous thrift store purchase. They are mostly vacation photos from the 1970's, but the glass slides are from the 1950s. I think I'll remount them and use them as inspiration for some paintings sometime in the future.

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Here's a project I've wanted to do with slides: