Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Axel!

Axel (who was the inspiration for the Happy Birthday card above) turned one year old today. We had a party for him, and invited some friends and a boston named Hansel. I made them "pup cakes" with muffin-cup-liner-shaped ramekins filled with dog food. I "iced" them with easy cheese (Axel thinks it's fantastic, I think it's revolting) and then topped them with a dehydrated chicken treat. They were a big hit with the boys.

After Axel and Hansel met and had their treats, Axel was humped in the face for an hour or so. I'm sure he would have liked it to have been a little less one sided, but he just couldn't seem to get a grip on Hansel; he's a slippery little fellow. Once they got that out of their systems, they had fun playing a bit before Hansel had to go back home.

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